Summer is an amazing time of the year for pond owners. Nothing looks better than a well maintained pond, against a backdrop of dark green grass and thick leafy trees.  Our summers in Canada are short, as such we want to get the most of the out-of-doors especially around fleeting open water.  With this in mind we always mention 5 easy points for our clients to consider when the summer temperatures begin to climb, and the hours of sunlight are longest.  We want to see our customers enjoying their ponds, rather than worrying about them.

Remember that sustained heat and sun, especially over a stretch of a few weeks, can really alter the fine balance in your pond.  Heat and light from the sun can contribute to a number of issues that may call for extra attention and maintenance.  Plant growth and decay cycles are often thrown out of balance, algae, and the bacteria are able to grow rapidly, with a bout of sustained sun especially after nutrient loading from previous rain events.  Whether your pond is a large multi-acre body of water, or a small backyard water feature, you can stay one step ahead, and get the most out of your pond by following these simple steps below.

Top 5 Hot Weather Pond Care Pointers

  1. Shade is key, when the mid-summer sun starts to push temperatures up. Consider using Bacterius Pond Dyes to act like sunglasses for your pond cutting heat and light.
  2. Add a CanadianAirBottom Up Pond Aeration system to help stablize water temperatures or make sure to run less effective surface aerators at night.
  3. Use pellet/powder form Bacterius 1B, 5B, and or MUCK to treat trouble spots along the shore and open areas in the pond and keep weeds trimmed and debris out when possible.
  4. You can also condition your water with Pond or N Bacterius Bacterial treatments. Never use chemicals like chlorine or chemical algaecides!
  5. Cut back on fish feeding. The impact of too many fish and over feeding fish is even worse during stretches of warm weather.
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