Kasco Deicer

The Kasco Deicer is the Best Protection From Costly Ice Damage.

The Kasco Deicer pushes warm water at the bottom up to the surface. This creates an ice-free dock area of protection also for piers and boathouses.

A dock or boat that is encased in ice can suffer extensive damage. The force of ice and the gradual movements of the ice sheet can easily split a dock into pieces. That’s where the highly effective Kasco Deicer comes in.

Collars of ice can form on pilings and dock footings causing catastrophic structural failure and ice-bound boats can experience extreme mechanical damage when locked in ice.

Protect Fish and Aquatic Species with a Deicer

Deicers help protect fish and aquatic species by allowing for open areas where oxygen can enter the water. Kasco de-icers come with (2) 20 ft. suspension ropes and are available in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 HP unit sizes. Use de-icers year-round for improved health and beauty of your water.

  • Offered as 120V (60Hz), 240V (60Hz), or 220V (50Hz).
  • 60Hz units are ETL approved to CSA and UL standards.
  • 50Hz units are approved to CE standards.
  • 2 year limited warranty

DeiceAir.ca are Kasco Deicer installation experts.

The Kasco Deicer (Water Agitator) is an effective way to protect your docks, boats and boathouses. The open water that is created and maintained throughout the winter with Kasco Marine Impellers prevents ice damage to your valuable shoreline assets and for ice free docks.

Dock Bubblers

Kasco dock bubblers are submerged thrust deicers that use an impeller system. It creates a lateral or horizontal movement of water.

They also keep an area free of ice for industrial, commercial and construction applications.

DeiceAir carries a full professional line of Kasco Marine Deicing and Bubbler Products.


Kasco Deicer Ice Free Docks and Boathouses

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Kasco Deicers and Compatible Cords

DeiceAir Kasco Deicer Sizing Chart


      • The C-20 time and temperature controller allows you to determine at what air temperature AND time of day the de-icer turns on by using both an air temperature controller and timer clock. One C-20 will control one 120V de-icer.


Kasco Deicer Energy Consumption

As part of your deicing, aeration project assessment, DeiceAir will estimate the monthly energy consumption on all custom project design configuration.

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Kasco Deicer Ice Free Docks and Boathouses

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