Lake and Pond Dye

Bacterius Concentrated Pond Dye Liquid

It’s like sunglasses for your water.

Bacterius MARINE, MIDNITE and NATURAL BLUE are concentrated liquid pond dyes formulated to block UV rays entering the water.

This dye will suppress submerged aquatic plant growth. The liquid dye is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and formulated to treat larger ponds and lakes. Each super-concentrated litre will treat an entire surface acre of lake or pond.

Dye Colours

  • Bacterius MARINE is a vivid blue aquatic dye.
  • Bacterius MIDNITE is a black aquatic dye.
  • And Bacterius NATURAL BLUE is a combination of Bacterius MARINE and Bacterius MIDNITE aquatic dye.

Algae and submerged aquatic weeds need sunlight to grow. Adding an aquatic dye for lakes and ponds help filter out UV sunlight while creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the pond that will suppresses algae growth and unwanted plant growth.

It’s safe. Non toxic. Easy to use.

Bacterius liquid pond dye is used by hotels, golf course, commercial premises and residential pond owners. It will not stain birds, fish, plants, swimmers, pets, or wildlife when applied at the recommended rate.

Apply early in spring when the ice leaves the pond. Bacterius dye will immediately block the UV rays needed for many of those unwanted aquatic plants.

Pond owners from Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec and the Maritimes combine the blue and black dyes to get a deeper colour that reflects light sharply and blocks the light needed for plant growth.

By applying the dye regularly throughout the growing season, reproduction and tuber development is weakened. DeiceAir recommends regular dye applications into the fall.

Farms ponds, canals, reservoirs, tanks and drainage systems can be severely impeded with clogged aquatic weeds. An overabundance of unwanted aquatic weeds impedes flow and reduces the amount of water entering canals or critical drainage systems. Too many weeds can alter habitat and reduce indigenous fish species. It also the interferes with boat navigation and reduces aesthetic value. Repeated applications of Bacterius MARINE or Bacterius MIDNITE in closed systems, will suppress the reproduction cycle of nuisance aquatic weeds. For best results, this product should be used with beneficial pond bacteria and lake bottom aeration. Often the weeds are there because there is an abundance of organic sediment and nutrients for growth ideal.

Stages of plant invasion in a lake or pond.

Some suggestions for what you can do to manage it.

Plants are introduced via the wind, water, animals or humans. If conditions in the pond or water body are ideal for the plant (pH, light, water chemistry), then plant will grow. This is where the liquid Bacterius MARINE, Bacterius MIDNITE and Bacterius NATURAL BLUE aquatic dye come in, by blocking the light entering the water.

As the plants grow and spread, it is important to keep on using the dye. Eventually, the more aggressive submerged aquatics can displace native plants, and that’s bad news. Keep beds of invasive aquatics down by repeated cuttings using our weed tools. Remove the deep nutrient rich sediment where submerged plants root. This is why lake bottom aeration and beneficial bacteria treatments are essential. It is the bacteria that will bio-dredge and reduce accumulated sediment. Preventing or removing unwanted aquatic weeds is challenging, but the team at are here to help.

Your efforts will pay off!

Features of Bacterius Aquatic Dye Liquid

  • One 32 oz ( 0.95 Litre) bottle will treat an entire surface acre (0.4046 ha) up to 6 feet (1.8 m) deep.
  • Available in black, blue and dark blue.
  • Super-concentrated formula (>84% pure pigments).
  • Will not stain plants, pets, birds or swimmers when applied at the recommended rate.
  • Bacterius MARINE, Bacterius MIDNITE and Bacterius NATURAL BLUE are environmentally safe.
  • Free of any pesticides and herbicides.


  • Filters sunlight and provides an aesthetically pleasing, natural appearance to pond water.
  • Blocks up to 40% of the sun’s rays to effectively starves growth of existing algae and formation of new growth.
  • Keeps water temperatures cooler.
  • Contributes to algae and aquatic weeds reduction in garden ponds & small lakes.
  • Easy to apply and lasts 4 to 6 weeks, depending on water flow.
  • Can be mixed quickly and evenly throughout the pond with the use of a fountain, aerator or similar mechanical device.


1 bottle will treat up to 6-acre foot (7 500 m³, 2 000 000 gallons).

For best results, add to multiple spots around the edges of the pond or use in conjunction with aeration. Repeat monthly or as needed, as pigments will oxidize and gradually disappear.

This product does not contain bacteria.

Use Bacterius 1B, 5B, C, N or EQUINOX for sludge control and reducing nutrients.

Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. Reapply product as needed. Will stain clothing. Do not freeze.


Price / Size

1 litre bottle – $54

Water gardens – Ponds and lakes – Municipalities – Golf Courses – Hotels – Commercial – Any aquatic environments.

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