Fall is Officially Here time for Bacterius C, Pond, and Equinox Treatments

Bacterius EQUINOX was developed to biodegrade cellulose material generated from dead leaves in autumn. This makes Bacterius Equinox the number one choice of pond owners in Ontario looking for an effective, coldwater treatment. Bacterius EQUINOX rapidly colonizes in the muck and quickly prevents [...]

Bubble Tubing® Thawline™ Bubblers Your defence against Muskoka’s Freeze/Thaw/Flood Cycle

Over the last 5 years the Muskoka and Georgian Bay area have seen extra ordinary winters that include unusual amounts of water in our Lake an River systems. Deiceair's benchmark setting Bubble Tubing® Thawline™ is your first line of defense against this Freeze/Thaw/Flood [...]

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