CanadianAir™ Aeration Systems

Our benchmark setting CanadianAir™ Systems combine extremely efficient compressors, with industry leading Bubble Tubing® for results you can see.

The CanadianAir™ System is best paired with one of 3 purpose built compressor cabinets, from Post Mount, to Single Compressor, to Double Compressor units. 

These Exterior Grade, All Metal Construction Cabinets feature Cooling Fans, Sound Insulation, Pre Filters, and Lockable Latches. The cabinets help protect your investment, and allow easy year round operation.

CanadianAir™ Systems are available in 4 Plug and Play Sizes. 

DEICEair also offers Custom Designed Systems tailor fit to the size, depth, and contours of your pond, using GIS and Bathometrics. 

The Bubble Tubing ® linear diffuser is able to produce superior oxygen transfer rates, for better results in your pond or at your lake property.  

The CanadianAir™ system provides more oxygen and  better circulation    (if needed) using far less electricity. 

The key to the CanadianAir™ System’s  efficacy is the very fine bubbles produced by the small pores that run in two rows along the full length of the Bubble Tubing® diffuser.  These bubbles rise from the basin to the surface, at much slower rates than the larger coarse bubbles produced by other systems. 

With no electricity or moving parts in the water, low power consumption, and low maintenance, and optional cabinets, the CanadianAir™ System offers a distinct advantage.

  • Bubble Tubing Diffusers can be left in water 365 Days A Year.
  • High oxygen transfer rate.
  • Low operational cost.
  • No electricity or moving parts in the water
Below we have taken the time to show you just WHAT our Bubble Systems can and will do for you and your ponds. Clean water is vital for a strong ecosystem, and we will do our best to help you get your ponds back to where they belong!
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