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Thawline™ Dock Bubbler / Deicers

Thawline ™… The Better Bubbler system.

Thawline sometimes referred to as a Dock Bubbler,  Boathouse Bubbler or De-Icer is a specific type of De-Icer that uses compressed air rather than a propeller, to move warmer water upwards melting ice around structures like cribs, concrete breakwalls and steel piles.

Using linear aeration, Thawline™ also offers the advantage of greater control over open water around boathouses and docks. This means less open water and more oxygen added to the lake. Smaller openings means less heat loss for the lake, and the addition of oxygen is beneficial to fish as well as other organisms. The addition of dissolved oxygen also helps to digest algae, while breaking down anoxic and hypoxic sediments.  Lower energy consumption and less maintenance means less overall impact on the environment.  Thawline™ offers substantial benefits over other deicing systems.

Thawline Bubbler Linear Deicer from DeiceAir

Our Dock Bubbler Deicers Help to Prevent Large Areas of Open Water.

This efficient, economical and ecologically-sound bubbler system sets the benchmark for residential, commercial, and industrial level De-Icing.

Thawline bubbler deicers protect your boathouses and docks against winter ice expansion, “Ice-Jacking” and pier lifting and movement or suspension issues caused during lake or river draw downs.

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Save Time and Money with a Bubble Tubing®  Thawline™

The Thawline™ Bubbler Deicer can also prevent the need to remove and re-install annually.  Our Bubble Tubing® systems are meant to be left in the water year round, with no moving parts or electrical components in the water. This reduces maintenance and makes the negligible service requirements easy.

Bubble Tubing® actually Improves Water Quality, adding much needed dissolved oxygen to Lakes.

DeiceAir’s  Thawline Bubbler system can be used in summer to improve water quality around your dock, boathouse and beach.

When matching the best Deicing system to your Dock or Boathouse, DeiceAir’s expertise can help.

Deicing involves many environmental factors such as predominant wind direction, tides, shoreline configuration, water depth changes, temperature fluctuations, and ice thickness. We consider the characteristics of your property, the shoreline, and how to protect your docks and boathouses from the lifting or crushing force of ice, wear from friction as well as expansion from freezing and thawing. The freeze-thaw in shoulder months also creates a climate for damage of structures.

Quiet-Run Compressors

Our Quiet-Run compressors, operate on a fan mount base (as featured in the video below) or in one of our Fan-Cooled and Filtered Cabinets. Cabinets provide a low decibel deicing solution.
Our exterior grade cabinets blend in with deck and dock boxes, suitable to be dock mounted or located on shore or mounted inside a boathouse.


Thawline™ Dock Bubbler / Deicers

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Advantages of Deicing with Bubbler Deicer Systems

  • Thawline™ is precise, and allows De-icing of a specific area.
  • Allows in most cases electricity economy compared to impeller de-icer systems
  • Better control of the effects of over-bubbling
  • Can be used year round, for de-icing and aeration to increase water quality, so your investment goes a long way, protecting and improving your shoreline property.
  • Can be laid along a breakwall or shoreline, or around various structures or supports.
  • No electricity or moving parts in the water.
  • Custom systems available involving multiple runs of tubing to de-ice specific areas.
  • Installation is easy; depending on circumstances you can leave it in year round or remove it seasonally.
  • The flexibility of Bubble Tubing® allows protection of irregularly shaped structures.
  • Works well in both shallow and deep water; salt or freshwater.
  • For optimal results, Bubble Tubing® rests on the lake floor at the same depth along its length. It can also be attached to a dock or submerged structure, at the same depth.
  • Field tested in the Canadian winters for close to 2 decades.
  • Creates less humid conditions, which creates less ice formation on boats, boathouse walls. In comparison, impeller deicing in very cold temperatures tends to create a lot of hoarfrost and humidity in enclosed spaces like boathouses.

The aerial photo (above) depicts a marina using a Bubble Tubing® Thawline™ system to protect against Ice-Jacking and Suspension damage.

Protect your boathouses and docks with a bubbler solution designed for your needs.

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Types of Dock Bubbler Deicers

We offer 2 Plug and Play Thawline Bubbler Deicer packages, as well as Custom Designed options tailored to your application, to keep structures ice free not the entire lake. (Call for Details)

Thawline™ 50 Bubbler Deicer – Weighted (BBLR-50):½ HP Double Piston Compressor, 50 feet each of ½ inch Bubble Tubing® and Torpedo™ Tubing (reinforced self-sinking airline). Available in 115 or 230V; for 115V draws 3.0 – 4.0 Amps (0 – 20 psi).

Thawline™ 100 Bubbler Deicer – Weighted (BBLR-100): Thawline™ 100 comes with a ¾ HP Double Piston Compressor, 100 feet of ½ inch Bubble Tubing® and 50 feet of 1/2 inch I.D. Torpedo™ Tubing (reinforced self-sinking airline). Available in 115 or 230V; for 115V draws 5.4 – 6.9 Amps (0 – 20 psi).

Thawline™ Custom Bubbler Deicer – Weighted or Non Weighted (BBLR -CUST): Deiceair uses measurements, drawings, GIS Data (or if necessary site visits $300.00) to build a Custom Bubble Tubing® Thawline™ made to offer you the best protection that our systems are capable of.  Whether you need 1 or 2 compressors, Extra runs of Torpedo™ Zipper Lines, or Octo Air systems we have the solutions for your waterfront structures. Most docks and Boathouses require a Custom Thawline System.

Need solid advice for a custom system? Feel free to contact us with your plans and water depths so we can propose a custom system to best protect your investment

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Thawline™ Dock Bubbler / Deicers

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