Pond Weed Rakes, Weed Cutters, Pond Skimmer

Effective Pond and Lake Maintenance Made Easy.

DeiceAir.ca offers light, durable, high quality aquatic weed cutting tools!

Choose from two different aquatic weed rakes and cutters tool sets designed to make the job of aquatic plant weeding easier and more efficient.

Deskuzzer, manual pond skimmer

New product offered by CanadianPond.ca, the DeSkuzzer is a 4.5 feet wide floating skimmer that allows you to easily recover floating debris from your pond, such as dead leaves and duckweed. This tool is perfect for cleaning small areas where debris is concentrated.


Remove your Lake or Pond Weeds in minutes with the Weed Shear ®. The Weed Shear ® is uniquely designed to be the most efficient and effective

tool made to cut and removing submerged lake and pond weeds like milfoil and hydrilla. Works well at the shoreline and in deep water.

The Weed Shear clears a wide path with each throw. It is light enough to toss and sinks for effective bottom cutting in deep or shallow waters.

  • Cuts easily at the base of the weeds.
  • Very little resistance because it slices the weeds.
  • Box dimension: 22 x 5 x 100 cm, 4.7 kg (8.5 x 2 x 39.5″, 10.4 lb.).
  • Replacement blades available.
  • Includes blade sharpener.

If your pond is full of weeds within a 7.6 metre ( 25′ ) radius from your launch point and you want to cut a 1.2 metre ( 4′ ) wide path with each toss, then the Weed Shear is the perfect tool for you. The Weed Shear ® comes with a blade sharpener and 7.6 metres ( 25′ ) of rope.

Weed Shear is the best way to deal with problematic aquatic weeds!

  • Assembles in about 15 minutes.
  • The Weed Shear has razor sharp edges.
  • Always keep blade covers on when not in use.
  • Comes with a one year warranty.
  • Please make sure that all locks in the handles are properly secured before using the Weed Shear.

Rake Zilla-Big Tooth-Weed Rake

It is the longest, largest aquatic weed rake.

Big Tooth Weed Rake is the perfect companion to the Weed Shear. Once you’ve sliced all those weeds, you’ll now round up all those unwanted freshly-cut aquatic weeds! The Weed Rake will remove all the debris.

Get to your lake or pond weeds problem with the longest, widest and deepest aquatic lake rake in the industry. Easy to use, this will soon become your tool of choice for restoring your pond. The rake is also ideal for removing the organic matter at the bottom of your lake or pond that only  fuels the regrowth of more weeds!

The optional weed rake float will float making clean up of floating weeds even more effective.

What you can do with the Big Tooth Weed Rake:

  • Components are made from rust-proof aluminum
  • Extra wide 40 inch rake head
  • Super tough, unbreakable 9-inch-long teeth
  • Available in extendable 7ft and 11 ft handle lengths
  • Unique “curved handle with padded grip makes raking seaweed easier on your body
  • Includes detachable float kit for skimming free-floating surface weeds and debris
  • Includes 25 ft rope to throwing and collecting
  • Weighs only 6-1/2 pounds but is extremely sturdy and durable

The Big Tooth Lake Rake is uniquely designed to be very effective removing floating lake weeds and debris below. Use in combination with Weed Shear for best results. Save and buy the Weed Shear and Weed Rake COMBO


Sharpener for Weed Shear

Weed Shear Sharpener

Manual sharpener to sharpen the Weed Shear aquatic weed tool for optimal sharp blades all season long! Not recommended for the Aquatic Weed Eradicator.

The manual sharpener will help your aquatic weed tool stay sharp.

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