OctoAir™ Industrial Diffuser for Aeration

OctoAir Industrial Diffuser DeployedOctoAir™ Fine Bubble Technology

OctoAir™ is multi purpose.

Also resists corrosion, temperature variations, water salinity. That makes it an ideal product for large residential, industries and municipalities.

The OctoAir™ industrial diffuser is available in two formats :

  • OctoAir-10™ ( 10 cfm of air)
  • OctoAir-60™ (60 cfm of air).

The unique OctoAir™ industrial diffuser design meets our strict specifications for an industrial grade air diffuser:

  • Robust construction resists weathering, handling, chemicals, temperature variation, foul water, salinity.
  • Quality components: the diffuser is our Bubble Tubing®, made to exact specifications.
  • With no moving parts in the water, maintenance and wear are reduced.
  • Smart design for efficient installation. Reduced maintenance saves money with lower operating costs.


OctoAir™ Industrial Diffuser for Aeration

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The OctoAir™ Industrial Diffuser is a highly effective aerator and deicer.

The fine bubbles (also called micro bubbles) are critical. Micro bubbles achieve exacting results. Whether oxygenating a wastewater treatment plant using aeration to biologically remove excess phosphorus nutrients, the OctoAir™ controls gas such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and uses aeration for liquid mixing.

Not only do fine bubbles transfer oxygen, they move and mix, clarify and de-stratify.  Our air diffuser decontaminates water by oxidation.

Diffuser Bubble Size Matters

The size of the bubble matters greatly for the application. Bubble Tubing® creates bubbles from 500-3000 microns depending on air pressure. Tried, tested and true!

Designed and fabricated in Canada.

Compare OctoAir™ 10 and OctoAir™ 60 Industrial Diffusers

ompare Octoair 10 and Octoair 60 Industrial Diffusers

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