DeiceAir Commercial Waste Water Management and Water Reclamation Systems

DeiceAir Wastewater Management

DeiceAir offers a variety of modern, benchmark-setting solutions, for waste water treatment. Our custom engineered systems are designed to Federal Standards and built to scale for private, government and commercial operators. Our systems are designed with Biologists and Engineers to meet the demands of our clients.

DeiceAir is the Ontario Distributor for Bubble Tubing ®, a unique Canadian Made component revolutionizing the waste water industry. This disruptive technology is being rapidly adopted by cost conscious residential to commercial wastewater system operators.  With over a decade long track record, our Fine Linear Diffuser systems and efficient compressors offer some of the highest SOTE and SOTR in the industry, and are quickly becoming the go to systems for operators trying to meet regulations, load demands, especially when trying to retrofit older antiquated aeration systems.


Our wide range of products provide biological nutrient removal, liquid mixing, increased oxygen and oxidation, reduction of noxious odours associated with Hydrogen Sulphide (H2 S) and sludge management.

A variety of wastewater management basins, leachate ponds, composting and storm water retention ponds, can achieve highly efficient aeration and circulation using Bubble Tubing®.
Our Tubing can be easily installed, directly in basin, or attached to grids to allow quick removal when required.  Easily serviced with little to no maintenance Bubble Tubing Fine Line Diffusers should be top of mind when considering a waste water project.

DeiceAir Natural Commercial Wastewater TreatmentUnderstanding Fine Bubble Technology:

The size of the bubble matters greatly for the application as we have noticed in our work. The fine bubbles (microbubbles) are critical for achieving precise results whether oxygenating a wastewater treatment plant, using aeration to biologically remove excess nutrients, or using aeration for fluid mixing. Deicing and air bubble curtains applications that rely more on mixing and moving water also benefit from billions upon billions of microbubbles produced by Bubble Tubing®. Not only do bubbles transfer oxygen and decontaminate water by oxidation, but they also move and mix, clarify, and de-stratify water. Thus the same technology has many diverse applications.

Dependent on air pressure Bubble Tubing® can achieve fine bubbles as low as 500 microns and up to 3000 microns in size.



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