Water Fountains for Decor, Aeration and Rentals for Special Events.

DeiceAir features Kasco Marine products, installation and maintenance.

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Styles and Lighting Kits

Kasco RGB Fountain Lighting Kits from DeiceAir

A full line up of water fountains for ponds and lakes. From garden basins to large architectural projects. DeiceAir.ca’s warehouse store has everything you need to service or design your custom pond or lake feature.

Choose your water feature lighting from assorted colours and spray configurations that will illuminate your landscape in spectacular fashion. The sound of water creates a zone of zen and calm and creates a soothing buffer from other ambient noise.

Some Kasco water features have interchangeable nozzles to easily change spray patterns. Adding a Kasco impeller allows you to aerate your water feature as well.

Lighting kits are now offered in LED which are very energy efficient. The timer gives you full control of your DeiceAir custom design water feature.

DeiceAir’s warehouse store also has a full line of all natural non-chemical Pond Care and Water Aeration Products.

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