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DeiceAir knows compressors.

DeiceAir compressor are suited for each unique aeration project. Air diffusion technology evolves. It becomes possible to make energy efficient choices while avoiding compromises. From smaller low pressure linear air pumps, to rotary claw and the high pressure rotary screw compressors.  We know air pumps.

Commercial and Residential

Aeration, Waste Water Management and Reclamation.

Engineered commercial solutions and compressors for large scale demands in Industrial, Municipal, Institutional and Government sectors.

Technical Specifications and Product Information

Compressor have changed over the last two decades.

Better and more efficient systems have replaced old technologies and we have done the same.

DeiceAir works with manufacturers to offer the highest quality, most reliable. Today, most small systems are diaphragm and piston compressors, while medium to large systems are rotary claw or rotary screws models.

Adding our aerating systems and air pumps with better air diffusion systems like bubble tubing, can lower your long term operating cost.

Compressor types

Our air pumps are German engineered, built for continuous duty and quiet operation.

Rotary claw compressors are the workhorse of DeiceAir systems

Rotary Claw Compressors

Rotary claw compressors are the workhorse of DeiceAir systems. These high performing compressors deliver pressure up to 31 psi or 2.14 bar and can push up to 200 cfm or 5.66m³ per minute.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance is limited to changing air filters and making an oil change once every 5 years. They are truly workhorses for your aeration project and are integral part of our CanadianAir Diffusion Systems and are used for large deicing projects.

We work with of the world’s best manufacturers.

  • Busch Vacuum Pumps makes the Rotary Claw Mink series
  • Elmo Rietschle makes the C-Series Claw compressors.

Rotary Screw Compressors

Rotary Screw Compressors the are preferred choice for high volume, higher pressure operations. The compressor of choice in the industrial sector can be geared to specific customer needs.

Rocking Piston Compressors

Rocking piston compressors for lake and pond aeration became the heart of aeration systems. The technology is simple and very durable. They are single piston and dual pistons compressors.

Single Piston

The single pistons are either 1/4HP or 1/3HP, while the dual pistons are 1/2HP and 3/4HP. Air pressures range from a maximum of 25 to 50 psi or 1.72 bar to 3.45 bar with the exceptional model capable of doing up to 100 psi or 6.89 bar.

The more pressure the lower the air flow. Air flows are ranging from 2-8 cfm depending on model.

Diaphragm linear air pumps and Diaphragm compressors

Diaphragm pumps are referred to as linear air pumps.

Diaphragm pumps are referred to as linear air pumps

Most people recognize them as aquarium style air pumps or air compressors. They use an electro-magnetic system to oscillate their diaphragm and create a steady air flow.

They are simple yet very durable and are the most silent way to create air pressure. They can only provide a very low pressure rarely exceeding 6-7 psi or 0.41-0.48 bar for the larger units and mostly rated for a 3-4 psi or 0.21-0.28 bar operation. With the proper air diffusers, they are ideal for shallow water gardens.

Lured to these air pumps for their silent operation with misjudged water depth can break the diaphragm regularly.

DeiceAir will consult with you to get the right system for your needs.

The diaphragm compressor is not a new technology but it is designed to give you more pressure, but not necessarily more air flow. Our main flexible membrane piston compressors are CDI systems that are small units designed to provide less air flow at a higher pressure of 20psi or 1.38 bar.

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