As Summer draws to a close in September, it is important to remember that there are a number of steps you can take, to get your Pond ready for winter, and a great head-start come the following spring.

Before the weather turns, and makes working outside more of a chore, than the hobby that most pond owners think of maintenance as.  It’s a great idea to start cutting and removing weeds, tackling algae and thinking about Bacterial Treatments to help wind your pond down for fall. Two great water treatments that are part of a line up of Canada’s #1 natural beneficial bacteria for improving pond health! are Bacterius C and Bacterius N. 

After long days and nights of high temperatures there’s a good chance that weeds and other pond flora have gone through numerous growth cycles especially with multiple days of sunshine. Then the weather turns quickly at the tail end of August and early to mid September, which can also mean a fair amount rain.  These rain events can wash large amounts of nutrients and debris into ponds, further adding to issues a pond may suffer from.  This can lead to Green Cloudy water.  If you’re experiencing issues with Green or cloudy water in your pond the nitrifying bacteria in Bacterius™ N, quickly oxidizes ammonia and nitrites into a non-toxic nitrogen compound, clearing your water at the same time. September is a time when Bacterius™ N can be a huge benefit when it comes to resetting your pond’s balance.

It’s also not too late to use other “warm water” treatments, to gain the upper hand over muck and other organic sediment, at the bottom of your pond.  September is the perfect time to start using  Bacterius™ C.  Bacterius™ C quickly and safely eliminates organic matter, and stinky muck from the pond floorBacterius™ C features a blend of beneficial bacterial strains from natural aquatic environments selected for their ability to efficiently degrade organic matter in aquatic settings such as ponds and lakes. This is the perfect Bacterial Treatment to use on your pond ahead of the dying plant matter and leafs that tend to fill ponds as Fall approaches.

Another great treatment if you are attempting to combat both cloudy water, and carbon or are unsure what to use is Bacterius™ Pond.

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