Featured below are some of the longer lines of Bubble Tubing® that we have installed at a recent water reclamation project of a 4+ Acre pond found in Thornhill at Oak Bank Pond Park.
The city of Vaughn sought a replacement for the previous aeration system.  The new system provided by Deiceair offers the highest SOTR and SOTE ratings available on the market today.
This Bubble Tubing® based system offers the best combination of energy efficiency and greatest amount of diffused oxygen.

This 6 line system is fed by Continuous Duty Compressors housed in a high quality Cabinet.  The lines deliver much needed oxygen to the pond’s basin, as the millions of micro bubbles released by the Bubble Tubing®  slowly rise to the surface they allow the maximum amount of surface area for the Oxygenation of the water column. The dissolved oxygen will increase the amount of digestion of organic compounds in the pounds basin as well as those suspended in the water, and provide an improved habitat for the pond life that includes turtles, fish, and many bird species such as Green and Great Blue Herons, Ducks, Geese, Kingfishers, and others. Deiceair is committed to providing the most effective and efficient aeration systems and bacterial treatments on the market. No Pond is too big or too small. We have solutions for water quality for everything from small backyard water features through to multi-acre bodies of water like Oak Bank Pond Park in Thornhill (Vaughan).

In the coming weeks the water quality will begin to improve, and the aeration will continue to work throughout the winter to provide an outlet for toxic gasses, that are normally trapped under ice.


The City of Vaughan chose a system that will support water quality and the various wildlife found at this great urban park, ensuring that users of the park continue to be blessed with the ability to see the wide variety of plants and animal species that this mini ecosystem supports.

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