Mucky shorelines are common in Muskoka and the rest of Ontario. 
Sludge, or Muck is mostly comprised of dead and semi-decayed plant matter and or other debris that fails to decompose in our oxygen starved lakes, and often in ponds as well.  This layer of organic sediment can contribute to multiple feet of muck and sludge.  Bacterius™ Muck works like yogurt for your pond or waterfront, and these easy to use treatments of beneficial bacteria are our go to solution when we are contacted by customers.

Whether you are trying to treat a pond or waterfront, Bacterius™ Muck is definitely the best treatment for shoreline muck at the cottage, marina, beach or wherever deep muck is a problem.

Bacterius™ MUCK consist of pellets made of concentrated natural bacteria. Simply toss on the water over sediment rich areas.  It will begin to work by consuming the deep sludge found in lakes and ponds, breaking down the soupy layers of muck.  Bacterius™ MUCK stays and works on site, in full contact with the sediment.

Once in contact with the sediment, the sludge-eating bacteria are slowly released as the pellets dissolve. Bacterius™ MUCK also reduces sulfides and bad odours generated by the muck. Works well in combination with lake bottom aeration systems from DeiceAir. Whether you are trying to increase the quality of water for fish habitat in your pond, or to gain back some depth on your shoreline from deposits of dead plant matter and other debris. Muck works wonders.

No more smelly dogs at the cottage!

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