It’s finally summer!

Deiceair fights Algae

It’s finally summer, you walk through your back yard, the birds are chirping, the sun is finally out, shining and packing heat, the smell of fresh cut grass drifts on the breeze, you can’t wait to check your pond out, in the late afternoon light.  You get closer and look down…. Instead of fish, rocks and the beautiful oasis you are used to, you gaze down at a stinking green blob… What now? Don’t panic!

Swamp thing hasn’t moved into your pond, you’re likely a victim of nutrient loading due to rain, heat, overfeeding fish, (or simply too many fish) as well as natural processes contributing to an algae bloom. We can advise you on a host of pond treatments from Bacterius N, to Bacterius C, or Bacterius Pond as well as other blends of bacteria culture for tailor made solutions.

A great solution to your algae.

A great solution to your algae issue is, treatment with Bacterius N  designed by biologists, Bacterius N is like yogurt for your pond, these beneficial bacteria cultures, are safe, natural, they quickly oxidize ammonia and nitrites into a non-toxic nitrogen compound, clearing your water at the same time.  At DeiceAir we can calculate exact dosages for your pond, and other options from bacterial treatments to aeration.

We can help get your water back to a balanced state without using harsh algaecides or other toxic solutions.  If you want to see your fish frogs and other pond buddies rather than a green blob,

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