Deiceair is the distributor of Bubble Tubing® for Ontario, offering a go-to solution for treating and deicing Waste Water Lagoons and Retention Ponds.
We offer custom designed Bubble Tubing® linear aeration systems for commercial and municipal operators as well as residential properties throughout Ontario. From backyard Koi Ponds to Trout Ponds to Waste Water and Retention Lagoons.

Designed and Made in Canada. Bubble Tubing® is a Multi Problem Solving Technology!

High quality, durable, flexible, linear aeration Bubble Tubing ®.

As  experts in pond and lake aeration, Bubble Tubing ® gives above average oxygen transfer rates. This Fine Bubble Linear Diffuser was designed to be easy to install and maintain (anti-fouling).

It is available in weighted and non-weighted formats, also in custom or standard lengths. Bubble Tubing ® can be found in thousands of aerationde-icing and mixing applications worldwide! Canadian made to exacting specifications and lead-free.

This fine linear diffuser produces tiny air bubbles (less than 1 mm in diameter). The bubbles rise steadily from the floor of a wastewater treatment basin or the bottom of waterways and canals, ponds, lakes or lagoons.  These small bubbles provide substantial and efficient mass transfer of oxygen into the water through the sheer volume produced especially when compared to less efficient disk and other coarse aeration diffusers.  The large volume of oxygen produced by Bubble Tubing ®, combined with the food source, sewage or sediment, allows naturally occurring bacteria to produce enzymes. These Enzymes help break down waste or sediment made of accumulated organic matter. Whether used in residential ponds, fish ponds, retention or waste lagoons the effect is same, less energy, more Oxygen, and better results.

DeiceAir’s warehouse store has a full line of products to serve your pond and lake needs.

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