As we move into the latter half of Summer, your pond may be showing the stresses from a one two punch of Heat from a warm and dry July, coupled with a sudden influx of Nutrients from early August rains.

After weeks of drying, the soil becomes almost hydrophobic and hard packed.  Plant debris, leaf litter, fertilizer and dead insects, as well as wood bark and other debris, are some of the numerous sources of nutrients and sediment that can travel through the soil or over the surface and into a Lake or Pond.  One of the most obvious culprits for cloudy water and algae blooms are the frequent pop-up storms and the associated torrential rains that tend to wash nutrients and debris into your pond or from your property down into the water along your shore line. have a great selection of Water Treatment and Aeration Solutions, from our amazing selection of plug and play entry level Robust Aire systems to our  Canadian Air, Bubble Tubing® based Linear Aeration systems  (which combat Algae Blooms and help keep weeds from encroaching on your waterfront) to our wide range of Bacterius™ products like Bacterius™ Muck for your Lake Front or Pond to our Pond Specific lines of Bacterius™ Products like 5B, 1B, N, C and Pond.
These all natural Bacteria Based Water Treatments are a far better and safer choice than chemical herbicides, they are safe to handle, swim around, etc. They act like yogurt for your waterfront or pond. They help to boost fish habitat, can help with water clarity and improve the overall health of your waterfront or pond. has plenty of solutions for the Dog Days of Summer, and the conditions that affect your pond or waterfront.

Servicing Muskoka, the Kawarthas, Haliburton, Toronto and the rest of Ontario. 

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