Over the last 5 years the Muskoka and Georgian Bay area have seen extra ordinary winters that include unusual amounts of water in our Lake an River systems.

Deiceair’s benchmark setting Bubble Tubing® Thawline™ is your first line of defense against this Freeze/Thaw/Flood Cycle. Our system offers the ability to create an easily managed envelope of open water around cribs, piers, docks floating docks, boathouses, boatlifts and a host of other marine structures from residential to commercial sites.

Whether you are worried about small docks, or single slips, to multi-vessel-wharfs, Bubble Tubing® based Thawline™ is the go to solution to prevent against Ice Jacking during flooding, and Suspension issues, during draw downs.   Yo-Yoing temperatures can wreak havoc on the water system, causing rapidly shifting water depths, juxtaposed against freezing temperatures.

If you want piece of mind when the weather is throwing curve balls, our Bubble Tubing® Thawline™ will provide a system that is able to function at various depths, through freeze and thaw situations, and provide protection against much of the damage that is associated with Winter’s new normal.

If you have a dock, boathouse, lift or other structure, (whether new or old) give us a call,  and we will recommend the best solution for your waterfront property.

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