We make Bioaugmentation easy with our line of Bacterius™ Water Treatments, the Number 1 Bacterial Treatment sold in Canada.

Bacterius™ Bacterial treatments are engineered to help reduce excess nutrients in a body of water and break down unwanted compounds with the goal of increasing water quality
.  These specially grown microorganisms will produce enzymes capable of biodegrading or transforming excess nutrients, fats, oil, grease or hydrocarbon based contaminants.

Deiceair is an Ontario Wide Distributor for the full line of Bacterius™ products. This large line of bacterial treatments can be used on their own or in conjunction with our custom designed Aeration systems.

Like Yogurt for Your Pond our bioaugmentation treatments help to reduce nitrogen and organic matter in the water leading, to clearer water, with less muck at the bottom of your pond.  Deiceair.ca stocks a wide range of treatment sizes, and our Bacterius™ calculator allows us to come up with custom treatments for your pond and shoreline.

If you have issues with cloudy water or a mucky bottom give us a call today!


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