With Winter almost officially here, and making unofficial appearances weekly, thinking about the coming season and your pond can be a great way to get through shorter days and longer nights as we make our way back towards warmer temps and open water. If your pond had Algae Issues and other issues this year, now’s the time to plan for next. Whether your pond needs an upgraded aeration system and or a pond conditioners, Deiceair will help you choose from a variety of industry leading aeration solutions and bacterial treatments. Getting off on the right foot in the Spring means less work during the summer and a more enjoyable experience overall.

A Canadian Air System powered by Bubble Tubing is the best investment a Pond owner can make. This benchmark setting Aeration system offers a number of amazing advantages over competing aeration systems. Using similar compressors to competing aeration systems you’ll gain demonstrably more Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and supply this to substantially larger areas of your pond. Rather than concentrating air in a few locations and mixing the Bubble Tubing diffuser, creates a curtain of Micro Bubbles that are far more efficient than the coarse air bubbles created by other diffusers. This is why Bubble Tubing offers the Highest SOTR (Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate) and SOTE (Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency) on the market. Use the same or less electricity to get more air, more places, for a better pond habitat.

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