With winter right around the corner now is the time to book your Thawline installation to protect your Dock and or Boathouse from ice damage this Winter.  The benchmark setting Thawline Deicer/Bubbler, offers greater control over open water and the ability to be designed to tackle changes in depth, an especially important consideration on Hydro Dam System managed lakes, and those prone to Winter Thaw flooding. More often than not our lakes now see greater changes in depth during the winter, with post draw down flooding happening during the winter months. These changes in water depth can wreak havoc on steel structures, decking and fascia boards resulting in costly repairs.

Our efficient compressors and Bubble Tubing diffusers keep open water to a minimum with optional manifolds that allow property owners and managers to better control the envelope of open water around their structures, and compensate for draw downs. Thawline can be used to bubble a variety of structures from floating docks, to lifts, to slips, to steel and traditional crib structures.

Our Bubble Tubing based Thawline stays in the water year round, provides a custom fit envelope of open water, reduces the need for maintenance and with no electricity or moving parts below water.

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