Bottom Up or Basin Aeration produces a more efficient distribution of oxygen throughout a pond using engineered technology and basic physics.  This diffused aeration process introduces compressed air to a deeper part of the water column, with the resulting O2 being introduced from the bottom up, as micro bubbles slowly rise from the diffuser towards the surface, something surface aerators simply cannot do.  In most situations Surface Aeration is incapable of adding sufficient amounts of Dissolved Oxygen to a body of water.

Fountains are a great example of aesthetically pleasing water features, that are often sold as aerators.  Although a fountain or other impeller or propeller driven mixer, may add some oxygen to surface water, that addition of Oxygen seldom makes it to the rest of the water column.  Surface aeration is also an inefficient method of aeration, using equal or greater amounts of electricity to produce a negligible contribution of dissolved oxygen to a body of water.  Unless the need is entirely aesthetic, a basin aeration or bottom up diffuser is almost always the better choice. Where aesthetics are also an important consideration to pond owners, a proper aeration system can be used in conjunction with a fountain to better treat algae, excess plant growth, muck, fish kill, and can be operated when surface aerators shouldn’t be, such as periods of high heat, and during the winter.

There are a variety of basin or bottom up aeration diffusers on the market, although not all basin or bottom up aerators are created equally.  Fine Linear diffusers go a step further than the average bottom up or basin generally referred to as “coarse aerators”. Fine Linear Aerators produce a far greater volume of finer bubbles, doing so over larger areas rather than concentrating air in limited areas.  Using the same size compressors, fine linear aerators are able to efficiently add demonstrably more DO (Dissolved Oxygen) to a body of water than competing aeration systems.

Bubble Tubing™ the benchmark setting fine linear diffuser
has been repeatedly tested by commercial and governmental customers demonstrating the highest SAE (Standard Aeration Efficiency), SOTR Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate and SOTE (Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency) available. Whether considered for a residential or commercial application, Bubble Tubing offers the best value, based on this level of efficiency and efficacy, producing more DO using the same (or less) amount of electricity with the system competitively priced against less efficient aeration systems and diffusers.

The best diffusers on the market like the Bubble Tubing™ based CanadianAir™ Aeration Systems  break the compressed air into very fine bubbles, these micro bubbles rise towards the surface from the diffuser. It is this natural movement of air that allows the entire water column to be treated, as the oxygen diffuses along the entire length of the diffuser and upwards towards the surface. For those that want the most from their aeration system, there is no greater value than a CanadianAir™ more air, more O2, less maintenance, less operating costs, and a similar price. Contact DeiceAir today for more information.

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