There are major benefits that our Bubble Tubing® based Thawline™ offers, that should be considered when one is contemplating the various pros and cons of waterfront deicing systems.  As most cottagers and waterfront property owners know, the need to “bubble” your boathouse, and or docks is a forgone conclusion.   When it comes to a bubbler system, where our Bubble Tubing ® Thawline™ really outshines other De-Icers, is in its ability to provide an easily controlled envelope of open water around structures (via use of a manifold).

This helps to mitigate liability, and helps avoid the large open areas of water that many people might associate with traditional dock and boathouse deicers.  This flexibility allows owners and property managers to protect structures efficiently even when water depths and temperatures change.  When it comes to boathouses especially newer or modern boathouses with finished interiors, many builders, owners and property managers are concerned about humidity and the resulting condensation that is normally created by a traditional bubbler.  Bubble Tubing ® based Thawline™ keeps condensation and humidity to a minimum, while effectively and efficiently keeping ice from forming on piers and other structures.

Traditional Bubblers like our line of tried and true Kasco Deicers definitely have their place, and Kasco’s products (specifically) have provided a reliable method of deicing for over 50 years. But Bubble Tubing ® based Thawline™ can be custom fit to most docks and boathouses offering a much more controlled method of preventing winter damage. Bubble Tubing is definitely our preferred system when ice jacking and suspension are a threat to new builds, works in prgoress, or older structures.

What Bubble Tubing ® Thawline™ really does is round out options, to a broader number of scenarios, for waterfront property owners. These systems are really commercial grade aeration systems adopted (without being scaled down) for residential use. Residential waterfront property owners benefit from almost 2 decades of commercial/industrial R&D arrived at through real world use.
These options offer solutions to match the new methods of construction that allow docks and boat houses to be built in locations where one would not have found docks and boathouses previously.

Advantages of Deicing with Thawline™ Bubbler Deicer Systems

  • Thawline™ is precise, allows de-icing control of a specific area
  • Allows in most cases electricity economy compared to impeller de-icer systems
  • Better control of the effects of over-bubbling
  • Can be used year round, for de-icing and/or for aeration to increase water quality, so your investment goes a long way, protecting and improving your shoreline property.
  • Can be laid along a headwall or shoreline, or around various structures or supports.
  • No electricity or moving parts in the water.
  • Custom systems available involving multiple runs of tubing to de-ice specific areas.
  • Installation is easy; depending on circumstances you can leave it in year round or remove it seasonally.
  • The flexibility of Bubble Tubing® allows protection of irregularly shaped structures.
  • Works well in both shallow and deep water; salt or freshwater.
  • For optimal results, Bubble Tubing® rests on the lake floor at the same depth along its length. It can also be attached to a dock or submerged structure, at the same depth.
  • Field tested in the Canadian winters for over a decade.
  • Creates less humid conditions, so far less ice formation on boats or on boathouse walls that can be structurally damaging over time. In comparison, impeller deicing in very cold temperatures tends to create a lot of hoarfrost.

Whether you want the most efficient and effective bubbler system on the market, or simply require a traditional deicer, Deiceair can help.

Give us a call today, with a few questions we can quickly assess your needs and help you make the best decision to help protect your investment.

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