When it comes to helping protect your dock and boathouse from ice damage, Bubble Tubing based Thawline is the benchmark setting De-Icer or “Bubbler” that property managers, contractors and experienced waterfront owners are turning towards. The main benefit of a Thawline system is that in many circumstances they offer the ability to better manage the amount of open water around structures, over the widest range of temperatures and other conditions like changes in depth. Unlike traditional impeller/propeller driven systems, Thawline offers more control across the range of depths and temperature a winter brings most cottage lakes. Lake Draw-Downs (the dropping of lake depth) are an annual occurrence on most lakes, and winter flood events now seem to be the norm as well, with the traditional January Thaw followed by a few more events right up until final melt. When you’re trying to mitigate everything thrown at a dock or boathouse structure over the winter there’s simply no better system to turn towards. Call Deiceair today for more information

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