There are a few key reasons why you should use a diffuser like Bubble Tubing® that works from the pond basin up.  The main reason is fairly self explanatory, bubbles of air rise to the surface. This is key, obviously if your Bubbles start at the pond bottom, or close to, you’ll more effectively distribute air through the entire depth of the pond.  In the case of Bubble Tubing® you can also preserve a cold water refuge (important for fish species like trout)
by laying the diffuser slightly higher than the lowest point in the pond, this coupled with the much gentler movement of Micro Bubbles also helps to prevent the pond from de-stratifying. Diffusers that mix water can cause a pond to heat up exasperating problems aeration would otherwise be a solution for.  Slowly moving Micro Bubbles (produced in the millions) provide far more surface area because of their sheer volume, this allows greater and more efficient transfer of oxygen than competing systems that create fast moving Coarse Bubbles that race towards the surface.  Most diffusers do a better job of mixing pond water than they do oxygen transfer, as their output is centralized in a column of coarse bubbles or they only manage to disrupt the surface. Bubble Tubing® on the other hand being a linear diffuser, by nature of its design, diffuses air over its entire length, creating curtains of air 50 to 100 feet in length with a single line. In the heat of summer when a pond is more likely to fall out of balance, this key element of the design of Bubble Tubing® again offers a distinct advantage over competing diffusers.

Bubble Tubing® offers pond owners a substantial value that is a byproduct of its unique design, making it a more efficient, and a demonstrably more effective aeration solution, that is also competitively priced.

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