Deiceair is at work in the field, making Waste Water treatment more efficient, effective, and less expensive.

Budgets are tighter, and the demand on Ontario’s water systems is greater with each passing year.

Deiceair is the exclusive distributor of Bubble Tubing® in Ontario, for waste water projects of all sizes, with solutions that deliver results.  Our Bubble Tubing® has been setting the benchmark for over a decade in a wide array of applications by various industries, government, and the private sector.  Bubble Tubing’s roles continue to expand globally as operators realize the benefits of this disruptive technology.

When efficiency and efficacy are the driving force behind your waste water needs Bubble Tubing delivers demonstrable results with the highest SOTE and SOTR values  on the market today.  From lowering your BOD to meet retention times, to mixing, our low maintenance systems offer amazing returns on energy consumption, and ease of operation.

Manufacturing and processing plants, mining, port authorities, aquaculture, agriculture, waterways and canals, parks and recreation, engineering, landscaping and reclamation firms, marine construction, universities and research facilities, ponds and lakes, are some of the markets currently using Bubble Tubing®.


Aeration,Deicing and Air Bubble curtains applications include (but are not limited to the following):

  • Aeration sewage lagoons, wastewater treatment process plants, leachate ponds, etc.
  • Earthen ponds, dugouts, lakes, etc.
  • Waterways and channels
  • Stormwater retention ponds
  • Septic systems
  • Aquaculture (Fish Farms)
  • Deicing docks, power plant water intake, marina slips, shoreline and water retention structures, industrial ship docking, ocean freight & maritime transport, pumping operations and nuclear power generating plants.
  • Efficient Bottom-to-Top Water Circulation and Mixing for water treatment, deicing, and other application
  • Pathogen Reduction: Mixing the bubbles lift deeper waters to the surface for UV exposure.
  • Underwater Air Bubble Curtains for:


Below is a freshly installed Bubble Tubing® aeration system at a municipal waste water site in Ontario. This system is low cost, installed by two techs quickly. With no moving parts in the water, Bubble Tubing® immediately starts adding Oxygen to the lagoon, lowering BOD, and helps to keep retention times on schedule. Micro bubbles are far more effective than coarse bubbles and require less energy to produce. Our high efficiency compressors are selected based on the scale of the project and matched to the diameter of the tubing required.

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