The most important part of your pond is your aeration system and the go-to solution for most issues with a pond, is always more Air. Whether you have an inefficient system,  or one not properly scaled to the size of the pond, or no system, there are many issues that can be corrected with the right aeration system.  Most pond aeration systems on the market today do one of two things, they either produce large (coarse) bubbles in a column around a centralized diffuser or they struggle to produce any bubbles. The difference offered by a Bubble Tubing® based aeration system like the Canadian Air System™  is that you will gain a demonstrable increase in dissolved oxygen over any competing system. A Bubble Tubing based Canadian Air System will also deliver More Oxygen while using less electricity. 

Even when paired to the same compressor as a competing diffuser Bubble Tubing® will deliver far more Dissolved Oxygen to a much larger area of a pond. This increase in efficiency, and delivery of oxygen in the form of micro bubbles will ensure that your pond is better oxygenated with less mixing and stirring. By using a Canadian Air System for aeration your pond will see a marked gain in Dissolved Oxygen with far less temperature increases, again better treating algae, excess plant growth and offering better digestion of fish waste and other nutrients that can easily throw a pond out of balance. 


People often worry about their ponds during the summer often fail to realize that winter is a time for equal concern. Ice coverage and the accompanying slowing of beneficial bacterial processes, as well as either naturally occurring gases that seep into a pond or those resulting from new bacterial processes that are a result of a low oxygen environment can kill fish, as well as bio films that are a part of a healthy pond.  By adding an aeration system that actually contributes demonstrable amounts of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) you’ll ensure your pond does not fall out of balance, becomes a nuisance expelling unpleasant gases, or lead to the deaths of fish and other pond life.
For more information on what system is best for you pond contact Deiceair today. 


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