There is a reason that more Trout and other Pond owners are choosing Bubble Tubing systems for their ponds.  They’ve done their research and realized that a Bubble Tubing based aeration system literally provides more air using the same or similar compressors as competing air systems. A Bubble Tubing® based Canadian Air System supplies demonstrably more Dissolved Oxygen. This is the most efficient Air Diffuser on the market, contributing a sufficiently greater amounts of Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.) to a much larger area without using more electricity or a more expensive compressor.

Another key feature of Bubble Tubing® is that this diffuser produces substantially more Dissolved Oxygen without mixing water like the vast majority of aeration systems. This is a key feature for Ponds that have had repeat issues with algae blooms and those who are concerned with the health of their fish and other pond life.  Traditional aeration systems that centralize and produce columns of large bubbles can quickly destroy the stratified layers of various temperatures in a pond.

The other issue with the vast majority of aeration systems is they make a lot of commotion and bubbles, but there is very little transfer of oxygen into the body of water.  Most diffusers even if paired to the same compressor create large “coarse” bubbles, that quickly race to the surface.  A Bubble Tubing® based Canadian Air System is a significant improvement over other aeration systems offering much higher Oxygen Transfer Rates and much better Oxygen Transfer Efficiency. This is made possible through the production of Millions of Micro Bubbles over the entire length of the Bubble Tubing Diffuser.

Trout can obviously be severely harmed by de-stratification (blending of temperatures) and the removal of cooler water refuges in the lowest portions of a pond, even hardier species of Trout, if not killed, can be severely stressed by excessive warming.  This is why Bubble Tubing® is such an great product because it can be easily placed to provide vast amounts of O2 over large areas, while also preserving cooler water.

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