Bubble Tubing ® is hands down the best diffuser for Trout Ponds bar none!
Whether you’re operating a commercial fish farm, hatchery, or a you’re an enthusiast with a simple residential pond, a Canadian Air System should be top of the list when you are searching for an aerator.

When it comes to the efficient transfer of oxygen into a Pond, and making significant gains in dissolved oxygen (DO) Bubble Tubing ® which is the heart of the Canadian Air System, makes all the difference, producing more dissolved oxygen, while using less electricity.

Having a proper aeration system is the most important step a pond owner can take to ensure the health of their pond. An efficient and effective aeration system is also the best defense a pond owner has against the various contributing factors that can throw a pond out of balance.

There are many competing diffusers and aerators on the market, however Bubble Tubing ® diffusers offer Trout Pond owners (as well as ponds with or without fish) the unique ability to control mixing, while also contributing more DO to the pond.  Mixing and the resulting de-stratification of temperatures at various depths, can lead to heat related deaths during prolonged stretches of warm weather during the summer.  Being that Bubble Tubing is a linear diffuser, it can be laid out in such a way that a cold water refuge is preserved in the deepest section of the pond. While also allowing for greater distribution of oxygen to the rest of the pond.

Through the creation of curtains of Micro Bubbles produced over the entire length of the Bubble Tubing diffuser, large volumes of water can be treated.
Thees curtains of millions of micro bubbles provide greater surface area, and their gentle slow rise to the surface, aids in more effective and efficient oxygen transfer. Bubble tubing is able to do what Coarse Aerators simply can’t. Depending upon the requirements of the pond, this ability to control mixing is again a great benefit for pond owners with sensitive fish species. Trout are generally a more finicky Pond Fish, with temperature and oxygen requirements that are more pronounced than most fish species. Obviously any pond will benefit from a Bubble Tubing based Canadian Air System, however for Trout Pond owners there really isn’t an alternative.  The Canadian Air System simply offers better value for a variety of obvious reasons.

Again the fact that Bubble Tubing ® is a linear diffuser, means that more air can be delivered over larger areas and the malleable diffuser lines can be easily moved at any time and placed into configurations that allow for more targeted or temporary spot treatment and concentrations of Oxygen, or where necessary, greater mixing or movement.

Because Bubble Tubing ® operates at efficiency levels well above competing diffusers, even when paired to the same compressors, and the precision engineered construction and pressure tolerances ensure a longer service life, pond owners can spend more time enjoying their oasis and less time doing maintenance.

If your goal is to get the best value aeration system on the market, a Canadian Air System is definitely the answer. Call Deiceair today for more information.

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