If you have issues with Algae filled water, Bacterius Pond may be the answer.

At Deiceair we can calculate the best method of treating your pond. With a few measurements we prescribe what (and what amounts of) Bacterius Bacterial Treatments will be the most beneficial to reestablishing balance in your pond.

Bacterius POND is a blend of nitrifying bacteria that consume excess nutrients in the water column, reducing algae growth, clarifying water and reducing the accumulation of muck at the bottom of a lake.

The strains in Bacterius POND were selected for their effectiveness and their stability. Concentrated bacilli consume organic waste and target the nitrogen cycle in water. The bacterial mix in Bacterius POND was designed to maintain and improve water quality in ponds. The addition of beneficial bacteria increases the microbial activity which in turn reduces the effect of eutrophication.

Bacterius POND is free of preservatives, pathogen-free and safe for wildlife, plants, pets and humans.

A 3 season treatment the applications can be started in early summer or when the water has reached 10-15 degrees Celcius.
Then continue with regular treatments to the beginning of fall or when water has cooled below 10°C, at that point Bacterius Equinox might be a great way to prepare your pond for fall.

Bacterius POND can be used in various seasons in combination with Bacterius C, Bacterius N and Bacterius EQUINOX.
Contact one of our representatives for best use and dosages custom calculated to the specifics of your pond.

From Ponds to Waste Water to protecting your Water Front Properties Deiceair can provide the best solutions on the market today.


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