As fall approaches remember one of the easiest steps you can take to keep your pond in good order, is to skim leaves, and other plant matter from the pond surface.  Aeration is always the go-to solution for pond muck, algae and other issues that tend to be exacerbated by excess plant debris being allowed to settle into a pond, but walking the outside edge of your pond on late summer and fall days with a skimmer, pulling out leaves can also greatly benefit your pond.  This end of season maintenance is an important component of managing the water quality in your pond.

The other maintenance that should be done at the end of summer, and early fall (a more enjoyable experience when the water is still warm) is the cutting and raking of pond plants.
The more plants you can remove from the pond, as they near the end of their annual life cycle, the less organic matter will be contributed to the pond’s bottom.  The less decaying matter added to the pond the better your Aeration System and Bacteria Treatments will work to digest the muck and other issues you are currently managing.

If you need to attend to the excessive growth of plants, that have been plaguing your pond over the spring and summer make sure to pick up a pair of the best pond tools on the market, the Weed Shear and Rake Zilla. Fall is definitely the time to tackle these plants prepping your pond for the coming winter. The light weight Weed Shear can be cast out easily from the ponds edge, allowing it to slice through weeds, while the easy handling long toothed RakeZilla will pull the cut plants and other debris out of the pond.    Call DeiceAir to get your Weed Shear and Rakes.

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