Deiceair has the most efficient SOTE/SOTR ratings on the market.
Reduce your Carbon Foot-Print and energy bills with the most efficient compressors for aeration and deicing.

When our hyper-efficient Rocking-Piston (Commercial and Residential) and or Rotary-Claw (Commercial and Industrial) Compressors are mated to Bubble Tubing ® you have one of the greatest means of cutting, energy rates, and maintenance costs combined with an exceptional method for oxygenating a body of water and cutting BOD5.

From energy conscious residential clients with backyard Koi Ponds to Farm Ponds stocked full of trout, to Industrial Tailings Ponds and Waste Water Lagoons our systems offer results, that have been repeatedly backed up by engineering-studies coupled with close to two decades of real world use in all sectors.

Efficiency is the way forwards, and the best way of  curbing carbon output is maximizing efficiency. 

From residential ponds, to commercial and industrial waste water, our systems have been engineered to deliver results with the greatest efficiency possible. Fiscal 





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