The Positives and the Negatives of Rain Water

Because rainwater contains nitrogen, in multiple forms that plants are able to absorb, and plants need nitrogen to grow.  Farmers have noticed that rainwater amplifies plant growth more so than water from other sources. Obviously that’s good, for farmers, as they don’t need to apply as much artificial fertilizer. However, for pond owners this same phenomenon sometimes throws off the equilibrium of their more “fragile” or closed ecosystem,  especially in the case of some aquatic plants — typically algae — that may otherwise be limited by a lack of nitrogen, but now has enough extra nitrogen from the rainwater to out compete other organisms in the pond. Luckily for pond owners facing challenges Deiceair carries the best natural nitrifying bacteria conditioner Bacterius® N, a water treatment to help regulate nitrogen in your aquatic system and improve overall water quality and pond health. For more information contact today.


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