This animated video from Deiceair’s supplier Canadian Pond illustrates the benefit of an efficient aeration system. Where a Bubble Tubing based systems excels over other aeration systems is in the greater amount of Dissolved Oxygen that is contributed to a body of water like a pond. Rather than concentrating air in a centralized column of large (coarse) bubbles that race to the surface, bubble tubing disperses millions of slow moving micro bubbles over a much larger area.  At standard lengths of 50 to 100 feet (custom systems available) bubble tubing allows Oxygen to be diffused over far larger areas. Bubble Tubing is also a much more flexible option that can be easily adapted to different roles depending upon the requirements. Most residential customers need a system that does less mixing, and de-stratification of a their ponds while producing high volumes of Dissolved Oxygen, whereas commercial/municipal customers often times require the opposite. Whether there is a call for concentrated mixing, or an efficient widespread diffusion of O2 over the greatest area possible Bubble Tubing offers a superior alternative. The Bubble Tubing diffuser’s anti-fouling design and shape, makes it a low maintenance alternative to traditional coarse aerators, and disks.
By way of design and function Bubble Tubing will foul less, while consistently lowering the conditions that create the algae and organic sediments (“muck’) that often foul other aerators.


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