If your waterfront requires the use of a traditional Bubbler, there’s a couple of tricks Deiceair can employ to allow you to open less water.

Although propeller driven Bubblers open more water than our Thawline™ Systems, if you use a Universal Dock Mount Kit  and or a Thermostat and Timer  you can cut down on the amount of open water you create.  This will strike a better balance between the open water you need to keep your waterfront structures safe and ice free, while also lowering your liability.  With the cost of materials, skilled labour, and engineering that goes into a dock or boathouse bubblers are a must.

Universal Dock Mount Kits allow you to control the depth, angle, and direction that the wash from your Kasco Deicer faces. This means warmer subsurface water is directed where it is needed.

C-10 Timers The C-10 thermostat controller is an inexpensive way to control the operation of your de-icer. The C-10 uses an air temperature thermostat to turn the de-icer on when the temperature drops below a set point that you decide. One C-10 controls one 120V de-icer.

C-20The C-20 time and temperature controller allows you to determine at what air temperature AND time of day the de-icer turns on by using both an air temperature controller and timer clock. One C-20 will control one 120V de-icer.

Kasco has over 5 decades of experience in the manufacture of De-Icers,
I that are made to handle the brutal winters in Wisconsin and surrounding U.S. States and even cooler Canadian Provinces.  Kasco has long been the global go-to brand for De-Icers because of a number of value added features that allow their quality products to outshine the competition… 

  • Kasco Deicers are powered by an Aircraft Grade Aluminum (3 times stronger than the same-weight-steel) Housed-Motor, protected from sludge and debris that damage water cooled/lubricated systems.
  • Demonstrably longer service life.  Unlike “sealed units” Kasco Deicers can be easily repaired when damaged, certified repairs come with warranty
  • Higher durability custom designed Nylon Composite propellers deliver substantially more thrust while using less electricity.
  • Cage Design offers more debris protection, more water flow, and substantially more clearance, which means less jams and longer prop life.
  • Superior Warranty Service with multiple service centres provides peace of mind
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