As we approach the dog days of summer, it’s time to start acting on the purchase of an aeration system, actively cutting pond weeds that became an issue over the summer, and tackling other water quality issues with Bacterial conditioners to close out the season, readying the pond to over-winter to  start off on the right foot in the spring.

Tackling weeds either manually with cutters and rakes after they have finished their growth and reproductive cycles, will ensure less encroachment in future and lessen muck, as well as nutrients for next year’s crop.  Pulling what will soon be dead plants and other debris out of the pond also helps with the overall quality of the water in the pond.

If you haven’t pulled the trigger on an aeration system, now is the time. Aeration can triple the effects of beneficial bacteria and drastically increase digestive processes that help to rid the pond of muck and deal with unsightly issues like algae blooms. If you have fish, and you have had issues with your pond over the last few months, fall is also a great time to take the steps necessary to ensure that they will be able to make it through the winter. Ponds that have fallen out of balance can produce fish kill, especially with ice coverage. Adding a small aerator like Deiceair’s SAS system (perfect for Koi ponds) or a bubble tubing based Canadian Air System (suitable for small ponds through to small lakes) ensures that all the organisms in your pond including your fish have sufficient oxygen to make it to next spring. An aeration system will continue to break down fish waste, algae, and help keep toxic gases at bay by breaking down dead plant matter.

Deiceair has a variety of potent Live-Culture, liquid bacteria, based conditioners like Bacterius Pond, Bacterius C, Bacterius N, and Equinox that quickly colonize a pond and go to work targeting specific issues.  These bacterial treatments are made even more effective when coupled with a quality air system.

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