It’s never too late in the season to start taking care of your pond.
Late summer, is one of the best times to tackle clean up and maintenance of near shore, and the perimeter of your pond.

Most plants have already finished their reproductive cycles, and may have already started to die back. Staying on top of plant matter before fall means less work when the weather cools.
Many people treat their ponds when the weather gets warm, after seeing algae develop or noticing muck, and or excess growth during the summer.

Savvy pond owners know that even as Summer wanes and Autumn looms on the horizon a combination of maintenance and Bacterial Treatments can mean the difference between a murky mess the following year or the picture perfect pond conditions that result from a little elbow grease and some help from a Bacillus Bacteria culture.

While the water is still warm a dose of Bacterius C or Bacterius N can help to target issues like semi decaying plant matter, or nutrient loading from fertilizers or natural loading from rain events that also tend to be a little more frequent in Ontario come the end of August early September.

For more information of the best Bacterial Treatment for your pond Call Deiceair Today.


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