It’s never too early to think about Dock and Boathouse Deicing.  At deiceair we have a variety of solutions, that include traditional Kasco Deicers “Bubblers” as well as the industry benchmark, Bubble Tubing® based Thawline™.

Thawline™ offers property managers and cottage owners the ability to have better control over the amount of open water their system creates. This system requires little to know maintenance, offers greater energy efficiency, no moving parts or electricity in the water and is suitable for a variety of depths and structures.

Thawline™ has become the go-to system for property owners looking to the most value for their dollar. Whether you’re attempting to de-ice a small dock, a multi slip boat house or an entire Marina complex, Thawline™ is scalable, and able to be customized to fit almost any situation.

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