Pictured below is a boat house filmed in January 2019 on a local Muskoka Lake that sees massive swings (multiple feet) in water depths, well above and below the “high water mark” causing the potential for serious damage to cribs and piers, and the deck surface, as well as to the building itself.

Our Bubble Tubing ® Thawline ™ systems continued to work at this location and countless others across Ontario even with multiple feet of movement in lake levels. As planned on the coldest sub -30 nights there was a tight envelope of open water around the structure, even as the lake dropped and then repeatedly rose, throughout the winter.
The boat house was protected from Ice Jacking and the weight of thousands of pounds of ice that would otherwise have been driven into the structure (when lake levels were rising) and or left hanging (when lake levels were dropping) from structures.

These pictures show the lake at an extreme draw down, point which was followed by flooding multiple feet above the dock decking. With the now unpredictable nature of lake levels a Bubble Tubing ® Thawline ™ is your best line of defense against lifting and suspension issues.













Originally designed for serious cold climate industrial deicing and waste water projects our residential and commercial grade systems can easily accommodate larger Modern Muskoka Architecture, and help to protect your investment.

Bubble Tubing ® Thawline ™ is the choice of experienced contractors, and waterfront property owners looking for the most, efficient and effective, deicing solutions on the market. We offer solutions to a constantly changing lake environment, with systems that take a myriad of factors into mind.

Deiceair.ca offers deicing solutions tailor made to your specific needs. Wherever possible we employ the use of Bubble Tubing ® Thawline ™. These ultra efficient aeration systems are comprised of custom measured Bubble Tubing and Torpedo Line, and modern continuous duty compressors that allow you to control the envelope of open water around your structures depending upon depth and temperature.  Each line can be controlled via the manifold to deliver the necessary amount of air.

Far more efficient than traditional agitators (which have there place) our Bubble Tubing also adds dissolved oxygen to the lake via thousands of Micro Bubbles. These bubbles continuously rise through crib work and around piers opening the desired widths/circumference of water, with minimal impact to the surrounding ice.  The large volume of Dissolved Oxygen produced by Bubble Tubing is beneficial to the low Oxygen levels found in Sheild Country lakes this helps fish and other beneficial species and can aid in  prevention of conditions that lead to algae blooms. 

It’s never too early to plan ahead. Call us today to get started on a plan, to protect your waterfront investment.

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