If you want your pond to look great next year start off on the right foot today with a Fall treatment of Canada’s Number 1 Cold Water Bacterial Conditioner.
Bacterius Equinox will help to ensure that your pond has the right balance to make it through the winter, and starts off well ahead when the warm weather arrives in the spring.
Equinox’s purpose bred bacterial, will break down decaying plant matter, muck and fish waste, as well as other biological load that leads to pond problems. Add a high efficiency Canadian Air System and you’ll triple the effectiveness of the Bacterial Conditioner. Working in concert together a Canadian Air System will contribute more Dissolved Oxygen to your pond than any competing diffuser, and Bacterius Equinox will naturally clarify your pond water, degrade sludge and muck, digest nitrogen and phosphorus (the leading causes of algae blooms), control floating algae, prevent fish kill, reduce odors and anoxic conditions, maintain the integrity of beneficial bacterial biofilms until spring, and facilitate spring recovery. If you want the best results money can buy there’s no better solution on the market. Lab and field proven function, greater value, and results that justify great expectations.

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