When it comes to ensuring your Pond is as healthy as it can be over the winter, a proper aeration system and a Cold Water Bacterial Treatment, like Bacterius Equinox is the most effective way of ensuring that your pond has been properly prepared for cold water.

Bacterius® EQUINOX was developed to digest or biodegrade cellulose material generated from dead leaves in autumn. Bacterius® EQUINOX rapidly colonizes in the muck at the bottom of a pond and quickly prevents the proliferation of sulfate-reducing bacteria that are responsible for H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) that also contributes to anoxic conditions.
H2S is a toxic gas that causes unpleasant odours (rotten egg smell) and deterioration of beneficial bacterial biofilms. The effectiveness of Bacterius Equinox is also tripled with the use of a proper aeration system.


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