Pond and Lake Aeration Systems

It’s Spring. Need Pond Care Help? Time to Treat your Water with DeiceAir!

DeiceAir Water Quality Solutions includes highly effective aeration and environmentally safe  water treatments that restore ecological  balance. We are Ontario’s pond care experts.

Pond Care Water Treatments and Aeration Systems

Water treatment and aeration systems for ponds, holding ponds, waste water and lakes for residential, commercial, industrial and environmental compliance sectors.

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DeiceAir are the trusted experts in Ontario offering products and services to manage, maintain and restore water quality.

We also have spectacular water fountains and custom fountain lighting options. You can create your own personal water show with the soothing sounds of a waterfall available at the flick of a switch. You can even rent a fountain for weddings and special events!

Our pond and lake expertise includes assessing your needs, professional installations if you like and repairs and maintenance.

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Boathouse and Dock Deicing

The ice us off the ponds and lakes. It’s time to consider your deicing solution before next winter’s freeze.

Deice Boathouses and Docks with DEICEair.caDon’t wait until it’s too late. Get your dock and boathouse bubblers and deicer installed.

Call DeiceAir for a consultation.

  • Assess your site and the best solution.
  • Determine the right products to protect your dock or boathouse.
  • Provide you with a quote.
  • Some products you can install yourself, other custom solutions require a qualified installer.
  • Provide advice on using your installed bubbler deicer.

Protects your shoreline assets from winter ice damage.

The extreme pressure of ice formations will cause costly damage to docks and boathouses if left unprotected. Even the usual winter conditions will reduce the lifespan of support structures within boathouses and docks.

DeiceAir.ca deicing solutions are always custom. Every dock, boathouse and shoreline is unique.

DeiceAir.ca are qualified professional designers and installers of deicing solutions. Our Bubble Tubing®, Thawline® and Kasco Marine products are reliable and durable, and installed to meet every customer’s unique needs. We carry a full line of products and solutions. Call us for a consultation. Protect your shoreline assets now.

Our main warehouse store is located in Huntsville, Ontario serving Muskoka and Ontario, Canada.

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