Deiceair continues to install Bubble Tubing ® based Thawline™ the leading deicing system at Marianas throughout Ontario.

Kincardine Marine

Our deicing options are comprised of traditional Kasco Deicers and our benchmark setting Bubble Tubing® based Thawline™ linear diffuser, the best systems available for use today.

Bubble Tubing is the most efficient and effective option for keeping docks and other marine structures free of ice. Giving your business the head start you need in the spring.  From inland lakes, to larger bodies of water, marinas/sailing clubs of various sizes, can improve there waterfront with a deicing system matched to the sites deicing requirements with a system scaled to match.

Our custom designed systems, keep a variety of Marine Structures open and help to protect against a wide range of ice related issues.

Whether through the use of Bubble Tubing based Thawline or Octoair, our systems will keep damaging ice at bay, and provide a smoother transition from winter to spring.

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