When you’re contemplating aeration systems for ponds with fish, a Bubble Tubing ® based linear diffuser should be top of mind.

Whether you have a small, to medium size Koi Pond, or a larger multi-acre Trout Pond, our aeration systems are a go-to solution for those that are most concerned with value and efficacy. Ponds are not inert, and aeration especially modern solutions like Bubble Tubing are one of the best ways of keeping your pond stable, over a variety of temperatures, weather conditions and seasons.  

Whether you’re located in a residential neighborhood or more rural settings, a Bubble Tubing ® based aeration system will provide you with inexpensive operation, little to no maintenance, and the most effective and efficient Oxygen Transfer on the market.

Bubble Tubing® optimises oxygen transfer and lifts water which aids in total circulation throughout the water column.  Since Bubble Tubing® functions without moving parts or electricity in the water, it increases performance efficiency significantly reducing electrical and maintenance costs in comparison to other aeration systems.

Our knowledgeable staff can work with you, using Geo-Sat tools and Bathometrics to design a custom system that really works.  We have solutions for a variety of issues from; troublesome weeds and algae, to digesting excess biological load and muck.
Our self-sinking Bubble Tubing® based linear-diffusers, are designed to follow the contours of your pond, especially when fish are present.  With properly designed placement, we can provide fish, with refuges in cooler deeper water, while also providing the necessary oxygen for beneficial bacteria that consume algae and the muck throughout the rest of the pond.

Our aeration systems allow pond owners to maintain much more consistent conditions in their ponds, and help to mitigate the effects of inbound groundwater, rain, heat, and impacts from flora and fauna, both in and around the pond.

By looking at a variety of factors our techs can design the most effective and efficient layouts and placement for best impact. By designing a custom fit system, pond owners will see a greater return on their investment, with better results, lower costs and less maintenance. 

The key to Bubble Tubing’s superior ability to produce millions of fine Micro Bubbles, is in it’s unique design.  Compared to the large bubbles most coarse aeration systems produce, Bubble Tubing®’s extremely small parallel rows of precisely designed apertures, spaced at a 1/2 Inch apart, produce a curtain of slowly rising tiny bubbles.  These Micro Bubbles are created in a large consistent volume and displaced over much wider areas, with far greater surface area. This contributes demonstrably increased dissolved oxygen to the pond.  The effect of these fine Micro Bubbles creates less of a disturbance on the pond bottom, and the layout gives the owner a great balance between circulation and destratification.  Air where it is needed, will help to target issues like organic loading and sediments, while lowering BOD5 and restoring/maintaining balance.  Whether you’re looking to curb fish-kill or simply
trying to deal with algae, blooms Deiceair has a solution for your pond needs.

Another key attribute that positions Bubble Tubing® as a benchmark setting aeration system, is the fact that it works from the pond basin, and the walls or curtains of air produced rise from there.

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