Have a Kasco De-Icer?
Want to open less water around your dock or boathouse?

If you add a Thermostat or Thermostat/Timer Combo you can cut down on the amount of open water by controlling the amount of time and the temperature your Deicers operates at. Obviously a Thawline System provides the greatest control over open water, and does so with the greatest efficiently, but you can definitely get more out of your Kasco deicers by doing some planning, and adding these often overlooked components. You’ll notice some energy savings, and less open water in the shoulder months months when a runaway Bubbler system really starts to infringe on the lake.

Another addition to your Kasco De-Icer for more control over the amount of open water created, is a Dock Mount Kit.  The Dock Mount Kit allows the Deicer to be lowered to the correct depth and to set the best angles to direct the water where it’s needed to ensure what you want opened is, and what shouldn’t be isn’t.

When you operate your Kasco deicer system using a combination of a Timer, Thermostat, and a Dock Mount Kit you can drastically cut the amount of open water around your dock, boat house, and the surrounding shore. The main benefit of the Dock Mount Kit is also that it provides a substantially more robust mounting point that eliminates the chance of stop-start tangling, when using the standard ropes.

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