Muskoka and the rest of Ontario provide an amazing backdrop for your pond. From a backyard Koi Pond to Trout Ponds nestled amongst the fields in farm country, to hidden ponds carved out of a niche in the forest on a wooded lot.  That same backdrop however may be contributing to issues many pond owners complain about… Muck and Mud and cloudy algae filled water.

Layers of organic matter along the pond’s edge often times is the result of lawn clippings, the previous year’s dead-fall, and leaves carried into the pond by wind and rain as much as it is the remnants of emergent and submerged plants, fish waste and other matter.  Bacterius C is often one of the best ways to deal with built up layers of material in a suspended state of decay concentrated on the edges of your pond.

By adding Bacterius C in the amounts Deiceair can calculate for you, this  liquid formulation of Bacterius™ C bacteria becomes active and begins breaking down accumulated organic matter, mud and muck. Uneaten fish food, fish waste, decomposing algae, plant material, and organic sediments of which all are excellent fuel for the bacteria in Bacterius™ C.  Bacterius C will digest the Mud and Muck, and help to keep your pond in balance as the culture begins to rapidly consume the extra nutrients in your pond that are feeding algae. If there is no nourishment available for the algae, they will not survive. Since Bacterius™ C is formulated to reduce the carbon sediments, it also works right at the root of the problem, at the sediment level, removing phosphorous, nitrogen, and foul odours, quickly and safely. It works quickly, is affordable, easy to use and environmentally safe.

Made from bacteria that are safe for humans as well as for aquatic flora and fauna, these active cultures are packaged in a liquid form as spores, ensuring the product has a great shelflife and maintains its power.

Bacterius™ C is subjected to rigorous quality controls to ensure its purity, stability and performance. If you want the best for your pond call Deiceair today.


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