offers a variety of liquid and spore form Pond Conditioners that offer pond owners the ability to target specific issues that affect their ponds. There are a variety of environmental factors that can throw a pond out of balance.  Along with Aeration, a Bacteria Based Conditioner, is the best way to help maintain, and correct issues that result from nutrient loading, excess weed growth, or other seasonal and temperature related problems.

In an enclosed body of water like a pond, small changes in the environment can have large effects that can either present suddenly or result after a sufficient cumulative gain that knocks the pond out of balance. Pond owners might notice a once clear pond suddenly develops cloudy waters, or blobs of algae that had not been an issue previously. Whether the issue is a result of rain events, surrounding agriculture or lawn maintenance, targeted use of specific strains of Bacterius Pond can return a pond to balanced state. In cases where proper aeration is also added to the equation, the effectiveness of Bacterial Treatments can be made as much as 3 times more effective, drastically amplifying the benefits of these treatments.

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