Bacterius ™ N  Natural Nitrifying Bacteria

Green or cloudy water in your pond or lake?

If you have fish in your pond and birds frequenting your farm or backyard and are experiencing cloudy water, greenish water, unhealthy fish, bad odours the nitrifying bacteria quickly oxidizes ammonia and nitrites into a non-toxic nitrogen compound, clearing your water at the same time. Bacterius ™ N is environmentally safe. This will keep your Fish and Waterfowl Happy.

Bacterius ™ Product Information and Technical Specifications

Bacterius ™ N water treatment helps regulate nitrogen in your aquatic system.  It improves overall water quality and pond health.  Ammonia tends to build up quickly in closed ponds and partially open aquatic environments.  Problems include intense biological activity, the breakdown of plant debris, the accumulation of fish waste and uneaten food.

How do you know your pond or lake is suffering from a high level of ammonia?  

Some indicators are cloudy water, greenish water, unhealthy fish, bad odours.  Remember If you have over stocked your pond with fish, you may also have fish kills in the winter, DeiceAir water treatments can prevent this.

Ammonia is highly toxic for the aquatic environment, so you have to prevent accumulation.  Adding Bacterius ™ N to your pond water is beneficial and provides an effective solution to regulating nitrogen compounds.

Benefits of Bacterius™ N Nitrifying Bacteria

Improve water quality and eliminate the toxic effects of ammonia and nitrites on aquatic life.

  • Features a high-biomass, high-performance nitrifying bacteria.
  • Targets ammonia and nitrites in aquatic ecosystems.
  • Actively oxidizes ammonia and nitrites, neutralizing the toxic effect on the aquatic ecosystem and helps to maintain balance.
  • Contributes positively to the health of aquatic animal and plant life.
  • Reduces the risk of sickness and death for fish and plants.


Monthly Dosage

≤ 100 m³ of water volume: 12.5 ml / m³

> 100 m³ of water volume: 5 ml / m³

Conditions: +10ºC, pH 5-9

  • Dosage may vary depending on application and environmental conditions.
  • Add the treatment dose evenly over the surface.
  • Pour the dosage as evenly as possible on the water surface or pour near the air diffusers.
  • Shake well before using, as deposits can form on the bucket bottom.
  • Contact Deice Air for large scale use. Use opened bottles within a year of purchase.

Need help? 705-789-6663

Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Markets

Ponds and lakes – Fish farming ponds – Wastewater – Fish tanks – Any closed or partially open aquatic environment.

1L, 4L, 10L, 20L. Also available in commercial size drums. Ontario’s Water Treatment, Aeration and Deicing Experts.

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