Bacterius™ Equinox is the Number 1 Cold Water Bacterial Treatment in Canada.

With Autumn well underway, pond owners who are concerned about water quality should be using Equinox a beneficial bacterial treatment designed for Cold Water.  This is the best, late season bacterial water treatment you can use to prep your pond for winter and the following season.

As fall draws to a close, tree leaves and other plant debris collect in ponds.  As the outside temperature approaches zero, natural processes begin to slow. Our non chemical Bacterial treatments are the best way to combat this. Equinox conditioner is composed of non-pathogenic bacteria selected and isolated for their capacity to decompose naturally and completely, organic material present in water or muck in Cold Water. These bacteria produce hydrolytic enzymes in large quantities, that adapt and colonize easily in their new environment. Their rapid deployment in an aquatic environment ensures a dynamic balance between the generation and recycling of organic matter (mineralization).

  • Bacterius™ EQUINOX was developed to be a key agent in the digestion of cellulose material generated from dead leaves in autumn and the control of malodorous gasses.
  • Bacterius™ EQUINOX rapidly colonizes in the muck and quickly prevents the proliferation of sulfate-reducing bacteria, that are responsible for H2S that contributes to anoxic conditions.  H2S is a toxic gas that causes unpleasant odours (rotten egg smell) and deterioration of bacterial biofilms.

    Benefits of Bacterius EQUINOX for cold water

    Use Bacterius EQUINOX for:

    • Natural clarification of pond water
    • Biodegrading the organic matter suspended in the water and in the sludge (from uneaten fish food, fish waste or plant residues)
    • Decreasing the concentration of various elements used in fertilizers (nitrogen and phosphorus)
    • Ensuring better control of floating algae in the water
    • Minimizing the damage of winter anoxic shock (fish kills)
    • Facilitating the spring recovery of the pond
    • Maintaining the integrity of bacterial biofilms until spring
    • Reducing odours due to anoxic conditions (H2S)


    • Contains only active bacterial strains, no filling agents are used.
    • Exceptional Stability without chemical preservatives.
    • Bacterial population entirely sporulated.
    • Contains only bacterial strains tested and identified by the DNA sequencing method.

    Monthly Dosage

    The dosage may vary depending on the application and environmental conditions.
    SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING.  If possible, use opened bottles within a year of purchase.

    • Residential:

    ≤ 100 m³ water volume : 25 ml / m³
    > 100 m³ water volume : 10 ml / m³

    • Commercial:

    ≤ 100 m³ water volume : 100 ml / m³
    > 100 m³ water volume : 40 ml / m³

    Conditions: +5ºC, pH 5-9. Active in fresh and salt water.
    Maintains excellent water quality throughout the cold water season.

    Add the treatment dose evenly over the surface to be treated. If the pond is too big to do so, add the dose in the area of turbulence of the water supply or close to the diffusers.



    • 1 litre
    • 4 litres
    • 10 litres
    • 20 litres
    • 205 litres *
    • 1 000 litres*

    * Formats available on special order


    • Lakes and ponds
    • Water gardens
    • Waste water treatment

For more information or to order please contact us at 1-705-789-6663.

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