Bacterius Pond’s concentrated bacilli bacteria consume organic waste, and target the nitrogen cycle in water.

The bacterial mix in Bacterius POND was designed to maintain and improve water quality. Perfectly suited for use with indoor ponds and aquariums, this targeted Bacteria conditioner offers a potent solution to many of the issues that plague larger volume aquariums and ponds. The addition of beneficial bacteria increases the microbial activity which in turn reduces the effect of eutrophication, excess build up of bio films and algae. Bacterius POND will help extend periods between indoor-pond/aquarium cleanings, and filter replacements. If cleaner, clearer water, with less build up of organic films, is your goal, than you need to start using the Number 1 Bacterial Conditioner in Canada.

Often overlooked, a proper Bacteria Conditioner is as important, an element, in a balanced Pond/Aquarium, as aeration and filtration. Where Fish are part of the equation this is even more of a concern. Fish feed and the waste associated with fish can quickly overwhelm a smaller enclosed body of water. Applications of Bacterius conditioners can quickly return a pond to balance.

Deiceair has a wide selection of Bacteria conditioners with specific strains of Bacilli Bacteria that have been bred to do specific tasks.


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